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Our Story

Brooklyn + Rye was inspired by the vision of living a beautiful life. We believe in the value of authentic and kind connection - to ourselves, each other, our communities, and the world around us. 

Founder Molly Allene and co-founder Rachel Kim first met working at the MAC counter in 2002.  Despite being polar opposites in many ways, we recognized in each other a passion for all things beauty, betterment, and curiosity.  The following two decades would be a series of comings and goings as our careers took us across the United States, sometimes in the same city but often times not.  In 2018 Brooklyn + Rye was only a vague concept, but we knew we wanted to create something together.  In 2021, Molly convinced Rachel to move to the East Coast, and Brooklyn + Rye finally became a reality. 

As we move toward 20 years of friendship, we want to create a space of our own, where Molly's desire to build things is complemented by Rachel's need for creative expression.  After years of experience in the beauty and retail industries, we believe the next step in our journey is to seize an opportunity made by us, for us.  With an inclusive mindset, we have set out to curate an assortment of brands and products that will build community through discovery and purpose.