the mission of apothespa new england is to be good, do good, and partner with brands that believe in the same. since our inception in 2018, we have always been focused on sustainability, advancing equal rights, inclusion no matter your race, gender/non-gender, sexual orientation, or economic status. self-care is more critical now than ever before. we want to help you connect to the brands that can help you do that in a more kind way.

we are a 3 generation family focused on living aligned with our mission. we are students of the world, voices of the voiceless, and stewards of mr. rogers' lifelong work. a portion of our proceeds are donated to charities we have selected and we hope you care about those missions of girl empowerment, land conservation and food security as much as we do.

here at apothespa these are our core values:

kindness. inclusion. diversity. feminism. socialism. charity. environmentalism. intersectionality. yimbyism. immigrants. the golden rule.

hate has no home here, all good humans are welcome.