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Aesthete Tea - 1 oz Milk Oolong Tea



Oolong Tea

Ingredients: Oolong tea from Lishan (Pear Mountain), in Nantou, Taiwan. 


1 oz | approx 13 servings | 


Milk Oolong:Origin: Lishan (Pear Mountain), in Nantou, Taiwan

Cultivation: Conventional

Elevation: 1,000m (3,280ft)

Process/ Profile: Milk Oolong is a green oolong tea flavored with subtle, natural milk flavors to accent the sweet profile. The tea has a fresh, sweet, creamy flavor and a smooth, full texture. It has the beautiful flowery fragrance that is typical of Taiwanese oolong. The aroma and aftertaste are long-lasting, and there is a soothing cool sensation in the throat.

The Jin Xuan cultivar, meaning “Golden Lily”, was developed in Taiwan in the 1980s to make a soft and creamy tea. Different tea cultivars have their own unique qualities. When grown at high altitude, Jin Xuan “Golden Lily” exhibits this creamy quality. This cultivar is specifically chosen for blending this flavored tea, as the tea only has to be subtly flavored to enhance the natural creaminess of the base tea.

Recommended for dessert lovers and the tea-drinking sweet tooth. Also the perfect gift for the novice tea drinker.

Our farm where this tea is sourced began in 1977 with a small shop in Taipei, Taiwan, where they began the process of mastering brewing. They decided to open their own farm and searched for the perfect climate and soil conditions until 1987, the year they planted their first trees. Since then, they have expanded into two more tea gardens. Their gardens unique terroirs were chosen for their sharp differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures, allowing the tea to grow more slowly, thereby developing more aroma and sweetness; in addition, the abundant clouds and fog surrounding the mountains allow the tea to absorb more moisture. The result is this award-winning tea. 

Physical; Oolong tea is commonly consumed in China and Taiwan. In Asian countries, drinking tea is a large part of the culture and social gatherings. Oolong tea is known to help, Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Cancer, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Mental Health. 


Energy: Feminine

Element: Water

Planet: Mars and Moon

Season: Autumn

Crystal: Amethyst

Colour: Purple and Dark Blue

Oolong Tea is usually produced through a process including withering the plant under strong sun and oxidation before curling and twisting. The oxidation of Oolong tea falls somewhere between green and black, although this varies a lot. Witches considered it a mature tea – more than green less than black. Thus its association with Autumn. 

Related to: Love, serenity, reflection, emotional balance, deviation, foretelling the future.


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