Apothékary - Haters Say It’s Photoshopped - 7 pack single servings


tl;dr: adaptogen blend to add to your favorite beverage to enhance skin health and vibrance.

Beauty is an inside job. What we eat directly affects the appearance of our complexion and determines how we age. That's why we put Mother Nature's top skin ingredients into one bottle so you no longer have to chase the light to make your skin glow.

If you're looking for vibrant skin, while at the same time reducing any signs of aging and rosacea, this blend is for you. Haters Say It's Photoshopped contains the vibrant hued flower, Hibiscus, known for its exceptional antioxidant content and combines well with two beauty-boosting adaptogens, Cordyceps and Chaga, to promote a youthful glow from the inside out.

Basically skin food, this anti-inflammatory blend helps to reduce redness, promote gut health, and give skin that elasticity and vibrant glow all-year round. Safe for all ages and is safe for breastfeeding women.

  • Hibiscus Vibrant flower packed with antioxidants, enhances skin elasticity and is anti-aging.
  • Collagen Promotes youthful skin, hair, and nail health as a strong source of protein.
  • Cordyceps Mushroom Known to enhance muscular endurance, relieve stress, and especially popular for focus and increasing cognitive function.
  • Chaga Mushroom Anti-cancer, helps to ward off viruses, promotes physical endurance and reduces inflammation.
  • Coconut Cream Powder Good source of fatty acids and packed with vitamins C, E, B1, as well as iron, calcium and magnesium.

USDA Organic Certified | Fair-Trade | Non-GMO

Beauty Elixir: Add 1 tsp to your favorite sparkling water or tea.

Antioxidant Beauty Smoothie: Add 1 tsp into your favorite smoothie (pro-tip: add some blueberries to double down on the bioavailability of antioxidants!).

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