Athar'a Pure

Athar'a Pure - Multan Acne Activated Charcoal Healing Mask


The Athar'a Pure Multan Acne Healing Mask is the answer to serious acne, especially cystic acne! Two powerful clays, along with activated black charcoal and lavender make up this highly effective acne healing mask. 

Multani Mitti literally meaning, sand of Multan and Bentonite Clay, deeply cleans pores, remove blackheads, heals inflamed skin and treats cystic acne.

  • The highly absorbent properties of Bentonite Clay work to pull excess sebum from the skin and the astringent properties tighten and shrink enlarged pores.
  • The hydrated aluminum silicate in Multani Mitti also pulls excess oils, dirt and pimples from underneath your skin.
  • This Acne Clay Mask will have a pulsating effect on skin as it tightens and cleans deep into pores
  • Activated Black Charcoal helps shrink pores, takes care of oily skin and also fights acne
  • Fights and treats active pimples, cystic acne, blemishes and oily, acne prone skin

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