Bedrock - Freshstick | mineral & matcha deodorant


Refresh your routine with Freshstick, our new zinc deodorant that goes on smooth and ends up clear. Our plant based deodorant combats odor and impurities while matcha green tea and zinc oxide fight odor and bacteria to keep you fresh. Formulated for sensitive skin and free of baking soda, aluminum, alcohols, fragrance, parabens and salts.

Vegan, plastic-free and cruelty-free.


How Freshstick works: -Zinc oxide creates a protective layer to fight odor and moisture; those awesome mineral properties also calm redness, shaving bumps and skin irritation -Matcha green tea helps calm and cool skin -Nourishing antioxidants like rosehip seed oil, eggplant and basil extracts help you stay clean and confident all day -Ivy Gourd, Tulsi, Turmeric, and Moringa purify odor Freshstick is gender neutral and in our opinion, the best natural deodorant for kids.

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