Big Heart Tea Co.

Big Heart Tea: Calm Yo' Tummy


Ingredients: organic tulsi, organic lavender, organic fennel seed, organic brahmi 

Perfect after a big tasty meal or to relax a nervous tummy. Lavender and fennel balance each other, providing both sweet and savory tastes, giving a calming olfactory sensation.

Calm Yo' Tummy works to stimulate digestion, soothe an upset tummy and relieve stress. It also supports lactation!


All of our tea is not only certified organic / direct trade, but when we say “natural,” we really mean it, No flavors. No dyes. Just good ingredients. And every tea has every ingredient listed on its shopping page and on its box.

Our tea sachets are also made from 100% compostable, non-toxic PLA. So go ahead and sip safe.



Direct-trade means a one or two-degree connection to your farmer. Big Heart Tea Co. puts our values of empathy, sustainability, and transparency into action by creating relationships with socially and environmentally responsible tea farmers, cutting out the middlemen.

That’s important not only because mama earth needs protection and love, but also because the tea industry has always been rooted in bad practices.

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