Hairstory- Dressed Up Thermal Protector


Dressing up is a lost art in a world that dresses down, but like that one timeless outfit in your closet, this light heat protectant lotion is the key to looking stylish, at least for your hair. Whether or not you use heat styling tools, you won’t see it; you won’t feel it, but you’ll know the hair protector is there keeping things in control, maintaining body and adding just enough texture to pin hair up when you want to go all out. Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, thick hair or fine hair, adding a form of heat protection to your regimen can prevent split ends, halt breakage, and smooth flyaways that usually result from a lack of moisture from constant heat styling with a blow dryer.

Our lightweight blow-dry lotion protects your hair from heat and UV light, for nights out or days on the beach. Designed for styles that require curling irons, rollers, or the likes, Dressed Up preserves without making its presence known.

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