Hairstory- Lift Styling Mist - Apothespa New England
Hairstory- Lift Styling Mist - Apothespa New England

Hairstory- Lift Styling Mist

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Rise to the occasion:This versatile styling mist – a special blend of thickening, shape-shifting resins, and fast-vanishing spirits – takes hairdressing to new heights: Trying to achieve a certain hairstyle that requires body and fullness? Our root lifting spray helps hair follicles raise the root, plump up a ponytail, or add a little “starch” to lock in shape when heat styling. The finish? Smooth, weightless, and always workable without leaving your strands or scalp damaged. So give your hair care regimen a little Lift, and don’t let gravity get you down.


Need a little Lift? Our aerosol-free thickening spray adds volume and hold to a blow dry, and plumps up ponytails with a finish that’s never sticky. Reactivate styles on day two with a quick tousle of the fingers, no heat required.