Hairstory- New Wash Original - Apothespa New England
Hairstory- New Wash Original - Apothespa New England

Hairstory- New Wash Original

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Detergents found in shampoo strip your scalp of its protective oil barrier. Stripped scalps overcompensate and produce more oil, and oil sends you back to the shower. We call this the wash, grease, repeat cycle.

New Wash is the solution

New Wash cleanses without detergents. No detergents means scalps aren’t overproducing oils to compensate for what was stripped away. Healthy, hydrated hair remains balanced, also eliminating the need for conditioner.

Transforms your hair

Ditch your old wash routine and experience your softest, shiniest, healthiest hair since childhood.

For every hair type

Thick, thin, straight, or curly. New Wash has you cleansed and covered.

Saves you money

One bottle of New Wash does the work of shampoo and conditioner. Plus, healthier hair needs less post-shower products to manage concerns.