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Happy Healthy Hippie - Joy-Filled


An intentionally curated collection of herbs that helps to decrease anxiousness, uplift mood, relax the mind, and rid the body of tension*. Don't let worries and stress get in the way. Experience life as it's meant to be, Joy-Filled.

Joy-Filled is a 100% plant-based supplement that supports you by:

  • Soothing Anxiousness and Worries
  • Uplifting Mood and Energy
  • Relieving Daily Stress and Tension in the Mind and Body 

Also, plant based nutrition are highly bioavailable and are easily absorbed by the body. Did you know that almost 90% of vitamins out there are synthetic? Our body is not designed to get nutrients this way and any potential benefits will just pass right through without being absorbed at all. This is why our mission at Happy Healthy Hippie is to provide you with nutrition consisting of ingredients that are all 100% naturally grown.

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