Harbor Organics

Harbor Organics Detox + Treat Mask


Harbor Organics - DETOX + TREAT

​Face mask treatment for all skin types. 

1oz/30ml & 0.5oz/15ml

• cleanses and moisturizes

• digs deep to draw impurities

• unclogs pores and regulates overproduction of oil

• refreshes complexion

• soothes and conditions and brightens

• anti-inflammatory properties

• stimulates cell re-growth and collagen reproduction

• packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals 


​1-2 times a week.

​Mix with a few drops of water into a paste, leave mask on skin until dry, rinse with warm water.

​Follow with our facial toner: Tone + Refesh

Dead sea clay, kaolin clay, aloe*, moringa*, peppermint*, eucalyptus*, rosemary*, marshmallow*, chamomile*, papaya*, oat straw*, green tea*, activated charcoal*


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